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Commercial litigation can be fast-moving and complex. From injunctions to complex financial disputes to class actions, clients bring their high-risk “bet the company” litigation to lawyers they can trust. Without strong, smart, and hard-working counsel on your side, you may end up losing everything.

Our firm will work aggressively for you and present the dispute clearly and concisely—a way that will make sense to judges and juries. With attorneys licensed in five states and multiple federal courts, we are well suited to handle cross-border disputes both directly and through local counsel. Betting the company only makes sense if you have a winning hand. At Scott Vicknair, LLC, we are regarded for fighting tenaciously for winning results.

Fighting to Protect Your Company

Our experience with litigation and appeals coupled with a strong client base in business law enables us to take a holistic approach to your particular situation. We know that some cases demand special skills and subject matter knowledge. Commercial litigation is about learning what your company needs and fighting to either get more of it or keep someone else from taking it.

Competitively Priced Legal Services

You will be surprised to learn that our fees are incredibly competitive. Our attorneys and professional staff often charge less than market rates, with our higher productivity levels attributable to leveraged technology. When you retain Scott Vicknair, LLC for commercial litigation, you are retaining a busy law firm that does not need to churn your case and watch the clock. Rather, our goal is to get you the best results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Winning Is Important.

Every lawyer will tell you that you cannot guarantee results-that is absolutely true. If a lawyer promises to win your case, you should seriously question his / her credibility in all areas. That being said, it hardly makes sense to retain a Louisiana business law attorney to fight for your company if their experiences are all with losing.

Our team at Scott Vicknair, LLC has achieved numerous favorable results in multi-million dollar actions and plenty of lower-stakes matters as well. Our lawyers try cases directly, and other law firms also retain us to steer litigation, advising current counsel that may be struggling with aspects of an ongoing conflict.

More importantly, we know that protecting your bottom line means nothing if we needlessly risk your entire company. This understanding informs our approach:

  • Communication. We advise you every step of the way as to what we think your options are and what we think will benefit your business.
  • Tailoring solutions to your needs. Some lawyers have reputations for being scared of trial and forcing settlement—we simply don’t do that here. Other lawyers are known for pushing forward to trial even when settlement is the best option.
  • Choosing the direction that is right for you. With our firm, your company’s health always comes first. Commercial litigation is scary without a winning team on your side.

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