Managing your business can be demanding. It takes time, drive, resources, finances, and personnel. When business disputes arise, all those elements of a successful business can begin to waver.

These business disputes can be anything from:

  • A partner demanding more of the company
  • A sedentary CEO with an employment contract
  • A manufacturer not meeting expectations
  • A client withholding funds
  • Any number of other challenges—either expected or not

While these problems knock at your door, you need a qualified law firm to handle these matters for you. Otherwise, all your hard work means nothing. At Scott Vicknair, LLC, we fight to keep your business safe, whether the threat is internal or external.

An attorney from our team can handle all aspects of your business litigation and review your current documents for potential future problems. We have no problem racing to the courthouse for injunctions when necessary. Similarly, we are experienced in various takeover and corporate power struggles. While these skills are never fun to exercise, they can mean the difference between bankruptcy and success.

Experienced Business Lawyers

Our experience with business law as well as litigation and appeals generally combines to give you a law firm that can protect your interests. We look for quick and effective long-term solutions to your problems. With our unique set of skills, it is our goal to guide your business through these setbacks into prosperity. While there may be nothing more challenging than business litigation, there is no question that the rewards of winning can be unparalleled. With Scott Vicknair, LLC on board, we hope you will sleep soundly.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are beyond competitive. We bill attorneys and professional staff at below-market rates. We are able to do this through a unique combination of technology and strategic thinking. While many firms love to overstaff a case and watch the clock run, we take quite the opposite approach. We staff matters leanly whenever appropriate, and even propose flat rates in many cases.

A Proven Track Record

Scott Vicknair, LLC has proven time and time again that we are well equipped to handle your business litigation matters. 

With our help, businesses have:

  • Ousted partners accused of engaging in criminal activity
  • Taken control of a company away from a conflicted board
  • Terminated high ranking officers that have violated their duties of loyalty
  • Redirected income streams that were being intercepted by unauthorized third parties
  • Protected many reputations of businesses undergoing takeover attempts
  • Orchestrated several spinoffs and dissolutions
  • Sought multiple injunctions to protect the assets and income flow of businesses

Knowing how to handle these situations does not come naturally. It’s the result of our hard work, determination to make these things happen, and commitment to staying ahead of the curve. We encourage you to contact a Louisiana business litigation attorney from our team today.

Contact a Qualified Litigation Attorney Now!

While we can never guarantee results, we can certainly make one guarantee: At Scott Vicknair, LLC, your case is not just another number, and you can be sure that we care about your business as much as you do. We take pride in our successes and want to build upon that legacy for our clients today.

If you suddenly find your business in one of the situations described above, we should talk—soon. Call Scott Vicknair, LLC at our New Orleans office at (504) 500-1111 or reach out to us online to make an appointment.

Attorney referrals, co-counsel, and local counsel opportunities welcomed.

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