Leadership & Business with Machi Medrzycki of Mlm Incorporated

We’re excited to spotlight a great local business as we bring on the first guest on the Overruled podcast. Today we’re joined by Machi Medrzychki, CRPM, who is an owner of MLM Incorporated and someone we’ve gotten to know well. Machi and his team have built one of the top commercial and residential contractor firms around New Orleans, and we’ll learn more about how he’s found success personally and professionally.

Plus, Brad and David will sound off on two hot topics that have caught their attention in the last week or two. First, they’ll share their perspective on the New Orleans mayor recall and the legality of the deal made by the Louisiana Secretary of State. Then they’ll spend some time on the security concerns that TikTok and other social media platforms create. You’ll be surprised to hear some of the statistics on the personal data that gets pulled on a daily basis.

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