From Voting Records to Community Involvement – Behind the Scenes of Local Louisiana Politics with Jennifer Greene

Being a part of the local community and giving back is a role that many businesses take pride in, and we have a number of team members that remain very active in politics and philanthropy around Louisiana. Our guest today fits that bill. Jennifer Greene is a well-known and prominent attorney at Scott Vicknair, and she takes a great interest in local politics and the impact it has on our community.

In this episode, Jenny discusses the value of transparency in politics, the role of trust, and how to navigate the complexities of politicians and their promises. She emphasizes the importance of looking at a candidate’s voting record and their involvement in community work to gauge their commitment to the cause.

The conversation also covers the challenges of changing one’s opinions in politics and how emotional intelligence plays a vital role in good leadership. Jenny offers her thoughts on what makes an ideal elected official and the significance of flexibility in representing the people.

Don’t miss this fascinating episode that combines discussions on legal issues, politics, and community involvement. Plus, Scott and Brad dive into the mayoral recall and the explosion of artificial intelligence.

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