Pedestrian Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LA

New Orleans LA Law FirmA New Orleans, LA  pedestrian accident lawyer serves a bustling, thriving city with centuries of history. If you have been hit by a motor vehicle, a lawyer at Scott Viknair, LLC is your companion and advocate for a positive outcome.

Founded in 1718 and boasting a massive population of almost 384,000 according to the 2020 census, New Orleans has been an iconic city throughout U.S. history. Steeped thoroughly in French heritage, but with a culture all its own, the walkable metropolis is a massive pedestrian hotspot. Streets are sauntered perpetually by tourists, foodies, and natives alike looking to enjoy the famous local edible fare. As a result of this, cases of vehicle on pedestrian accidents are far too common.

Countless distractions bombard drivers on the streets of New Orleans. People are everywhere, famous attractions and eateries abound. Everything is bright and loud, and the hunt for a place to park never ends. Coupled with the loose alcohol regulations and widespread partying, drivers must be completely conscious.

What does a pedestrian accident lawyer do?

A New Orleans pedestrian accident lawyer has studied the ins and outs of traffic and personal injury law, and can guide you through the process. Injuries sustained by collisions can be severe and traumatic, heavily altering your general health and forcing you to miss work and important events. You may spend a lot of time in the hospital or at home recovering.

edical bills brought on by physical damage taken from the accident can be extremely costly, destabilizing your financial freedom. Sometimes, your insurance company is simply unwilling to settle for a useful dollar figure. In effort to increase profit or company standing, insurance may attempt to pressure you into accepting an amount of money that covers only a part of the total.

What appears to be a fortune in medical bills can be daunting. The thought of missing work and having no income can be hard to accept, but your body needs to recover. Scott Viknair, LLC offers freedom from these stresses, taking the lead and gently guiding you to your deserved restitution.

What are my next steps?

  1. If you are still at the scene of the accident, immediately call the police. They will take as much information as possible to create a report. Additionally, they will make the area safe, and create a state of control
  2. Be seen immediately by a medical professional. You are likely injured and need treatment. You may even be wounded and not realize it. Put your health first
  3. Contact a New Orleans pedestrian accident lawyer. It is important to do this before reaching out to your insurance company. A lawyer will prepare you to communicate with insurance and coach the best course of action
  4. Call insurance and explain the situation to the best of your ability. If possible, include all details and share evidence: Photos taken at the scene, license plates, insurance information from the driver, and the police report
  5. Until the case is settled, communicate with your lawyer regarding all contact with insurance or the driver

We understand that these accidents are unwanted events. Suffering, medical bills, and inability to work have just unexpectedly appeared and temporarily altered  every aspect of life. If you have been hit by a vehicle while walking in New Orleans, you are entitled to damages and compensation.

With a simple mission–accountability, respect, excellent client experience–and an altruistic approach to the law, we fight tenaciously for fair settlement. Unwilling to compromise on the end goal, we advocate for your health, quality of life, and financial independence. When you work with a lawyer at Scott Viknair, LLC, you are on a team with a drive to win, and a genuine desire for your satisfaction. Call for consultation and take your life back.