Auto Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LA

Car Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LAA New Orleans auto accident lawyer serves the 9th most congested city in the country. With so much traffic and so many people, it can be hard to really get moving at all. Cars are everywhere and collisions are regular. The need for a lawyer is well established on the bustling streets of this culturally iconic city–over 17,000 traffic accidents were reported in 2021.

One of the top 50 most populated cities in the US, New Orleans is a proving ground for drivers. With countless attractions and centuries of history holding it together, 19 million tourists per year flock to the thriving city. This contributes immensely to the density of vehicles on the road and the frequency of accidents. With car accidents accounting for a huge portion of resume experience, lawyers at Scott Viknair, LLC are a guide and protector through the insurance process.

If you have been in an auto accident in New Orleans, you have several steps to take to achieve closure. The first course of action is to get to safety. If the car is mobile, remove it from the flow of traffic. Immediately dial 9-1-1. The police will create a safe area and direct traffic while you await a tow truck, or medical services if necessary. They will also create a report. The vehicle, if towed, may be sent to a repair facility, a tow yard, or your home.

Taking pictures of the scene is important. Try to obtain clear photographs of license plates and VIN numbers for all vehicles involved, as well as insurance information for all drivers. The next step is to reach out to an experienced New Orleans auto accident lawyer. Share information with the lawyer. Photographs and the police report are valuable in building your case, and difficult to dispute in court.

Following a briefing with a lawyer from Scott Viknair, LLC, it is time to get insurance involved. After you file a claim with your insurance company, they will set an appointment for an appraiser to look at your vehicle wherever it is. After a thorough examination and documentation, an estimator will reach out to you with a settlement for repairs.

At this point, a New Orleans auto accident lawyer will advocate on your behalf. These negotiations with the insurance company benefits you. The goal is to obtain the highest possible payout for the client.

Your settlement with the insurance company can also cover medical expenses. During these mediations, it is highly advised that you visit a licensed medical professional for an examination. Many injuries do not show up immediately, and you may not be aware of them. Additionally, involvement in the accident may force you to miss work. Losing critical wages adds weight to your claim and appeal.

When misfortune strikes and you are involved in a vehicle collision, seek consultation from an auto accident lawyer in New Orleans. You will receive vital advice and guidance through what can be a murky process. Call Scott Viknair, LLC today.