A vocational rehabilitation counselor can be a vital expert necessary to help outline and bolster your damages associated with a car accident and your personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Law 

Typically, a vocational rehabilitation counselor can be an asset to your personal injury litigation team by itemizing out the expected future cost of medical treatment associated with your personal injury claim, itemizing out the diminishment of capacity you may have from a brain injury suffered in the car or 18-wheeler trucking accident, and working with an economist to forecast out the future cost of treatment of wage loss/wage impairment due to injuries suffered.

Whether your injuries were due to an offshore injury, oil and gas-related injury, car accident injury, or trucking accident injury, a vocational rehabilitation counselor can be vital to estimating the amount of future care and wage loss impairment suffered in your claim. An experienced vocational rehabilitation counselor will work with your treating physicians to understand your past injuries, future care needs, and ability to return to work to itemize and support your damages associated with an offshore injury, oil, and gas-related injury, car accident injury, or 18-wheeler trucking accident injury.

Our litigation team of personal injury attorneys who handle offshore injury claims, oil, and gas-related injury claims, car accident injury claims, and 18-wheeler trucking accident injury claims routinely employ and work with different vocational rehabilitation counselors to help build the strongest case possible for our clients.

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